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Liz and Wonder Woman, what could go wrong?

Ariel’s Dangerous Liaisons: The Erotic Wonders
of a Super Heroic Woman (A Short Novel)


Liz Adams has released an erotic ebook with a Wonder Woman type of heroine, so many call Ariel’s Dangerous Liaisons an erotic version of Wonder Woman. Today, the novella is free! The last day it’s free is June 28, 2104. To get your copy, go to and download it from Amazon.

About the Book

Everyone wonders what Wonder Woman’s sex life is like or what superhero sex is like. Though NOT the actual sex life of Wonder Woman, Ariel’s Dangerous Liaisons explores the racy romance and vengeful spirit of a super heroic sleuth, a female p
From International Bestselling Author Liz Adamrotagonist everyone can enjoy.

What if you lived with the one man you most desired, but could never love?

Ariel Garrison is nothing like the Wonder Woman character in comic books—no tiara, no bracelets, no magic rope, and no invisible plane—but she does have superhuman strength, a secret she must guard with her life as she spends her graduating year in St. Petersburg, Russia, in a foreign exchange program. Planning to work for the CIA, Ariel has one guiding rule: never fall in love. Doing so could give her enemies leverage and put her lover’s life in jeopardy. When the dangerous liaisons with her host family lead to irresistible temptations, will her superpowers be enough to protect the one she shouldn’t love? Or will she lose her man and her lifelong dream of pursuing justice?

WARNING: In Ariel’s Dangerous Liaisons: The Erotic Wonders of a Super Heroic Woman, Ariel is a vengeful sleuth who pushes her own boundaries redefining what’s right and wrong in every situation, including the bedroom. One reviewer complained that there was too much sex. Ariel’s racy journey of lace and lingerie includes solo F, M/f, F/f, M/f/M/M, and a stage performance that would make Miley Cyrus blush. For 18 years and older.

Q and A

What inspired you to write an erotic version of Wonder Woman?
Actually, I was inspired to write a story about sex with a foreign exchange student. My amazing publisher, Naughty Nights Press, put out a call for submissions to the Campus Sexploits Series. The theme for Book Four of the series was foreign exchange students. My idea for a story set in St. Petersburg got thicker and juicier, way beyond the required word-count. That large story idea had to be put on hold. I submitted a completely different story to the Campus Sexploits Anthology and that short story got accepted. Meanwhile, I kept getting excited whenever I thought of that juicy story of a college girl discovering herself in St. Petersburg, Russia, but something was missing. I asked myself “What if the girl were Wonder Woman’s daughter?” From there, my imagination hopped on the plane and took flight.

Why do you think so many people are interested in Wonder Woman’s sex life?
How can you not be? Wonder Woman already exudes a sexy persona with her corset and hot pants. I imagine all guys fantasize having her, and many gals would jump at the chance to be her. Add on top of that her superpowers and you’ve got a whole interesting love-making session to ponder. That’s a real hands-on fantasy!

How did you deal with the trademark issues when writing about Wonder Woman?
Excellent question. I didn’t. It’s against the law for me to make one of my characters be Wonder Woman without first getting permission from D.C. Comics. As a result, my protagonist is not Wonder Woman, nor is she Wonder Woman’s daughter. She is like Wonder Woman, though, in that she has super strength. Superpowers, if common enough, are not trademark protected. The idea of someone having super strength is as old as the Bible, when Samson recovered his long hair and tore down the columns he was chained to. In my tale, my protagonist uses her strength and her CIA skill set to fight a criminal.

Will there be a sequel to Ariel’s Dangerous Liaisons?
It’s quite possible. Some of the comments I’ve received from my readers is that there’s more of her story they want to know. She’s got a compelling backstory, as does her mother, so with enough coaxing from fans, I might drip out a series. For now, though, I’m going to focus on my erotic Alice in Wonderland.

What are you working on now?
I’ve just finished a rough draft of my erotic Alice Through the Looking Glass, and I’m starting the rough draft of the third book in the series where Alice experiences The Princess and the Pea. I love the Looking Glass tale because it’s filled with poems and riddles. The Princes and the Pea (whose working title is Alice’s Story of O, An Erotic Princess and the Pea) is a book I’m really excited about because it’s a bit like a choose-your-own-adventure book. The only difference is, all the various storylines lead to the same ending. In other words, her happily ever after is guaranteed, how she gets there is up to you.

Excerpt of Ariel’s Dangerous Liaisons:

I turned to Danny and Sergei expecting their full attention on me, the pretty foreigner. Instead, they spoke to each other in Russian. I eavesdropped.
Sergei blew out a puff of smoke and spoke softly to Danny who was nursing both a beer and a cigarette. “When we first enter the store, you’ve got to be confident. Always point your gun at the cashier’s face. Scare him. Otherwise, he’ll never hand over the cash.”Danny motioned with subtle jerks of his head at me.“Don’t worry.” Sergei leaned back in his chair and peered at me. “The American idiot doesn’t understand a word we’re saying.”I pasted on a goofy grin and spoke in English doing what I could to sound like an airhead. “What are you guys talking about?”Sergei dismissed any worry with a wave of his hand. “Is nothing. Just business. Is boring.”Danny finished his cigarette and peeled the label off his beer bottle. In Russian, he continued his conversation with Sergei. “How much time will we have to escape?”“From the time we leave the store, the cashier will probably call the police. That will give us at least seven minutes to get to Pasha’s truck and escape. Plenty of time.”“I’d still feel better if Pasha knew what we were really doing.”“Trust me. The less he knows, the better.” Sergei rolled up his sleeves. I sucked in a breath. A tattoo of a sickle cutting two arrows, the same symbol that had been branded on my father’s forehead, peeked out. “Pasha’s the kind of guy who won’t do anything against the law. Even if it’s in his best interest.”Danny nodded. I examined Danny’s skin, and there it was, just above his wrist, the same tattoo. A shard of ice sliced down my spine. I shivered.A voice said, “What is it I miss?”Shit. It was Pasha holding a large bottle of vodka. If he gave away that I spoke and understood Russian, his “friends” might be compelled to silence us.I grabbed Danny’s hand and placed my other hand on his wrist. “So Danny, you said you met Pasha at a restaurant?”“Yes.” Since he wasn’t exactly the alpha male of this crew, I knew he was the easiest guy to innocently interrogate.“Which restaurant is it?” I flashed a flirtatious smile at him.“Tkemali at Vladimirskaya.”“Hey, Danny!” Sergei nudged his friend’s shoulder and spoke in English. “I think she like you.”I ignored him and batted my eyelashes at Danny. “If you go to the restaurant so often, you must work there. Are you a waiter or a chef?”“Waiter.”There it was. The change in pulse, the eyes shifting away, but most important was the slight biting of his lip. I knew he was lying. His lip bite was the tell. I had successfully set the baseline for determining when he was lying and when he was telling the truth.“Did you also meet Sergei at the restaurant?” I asked.“Yes.” No shifting of the eyes or biting of the lip.The truth.“Do you like Sergei?”“Of course. He is my friend.” His eyes shifted right, then left, the lip bite.A lie.I had to stay in character. “Do you like me?”He blushed. Pasha and Sergei laughed.I squeezed Danny’s hand. “You like me, don’t you, Danny?”“Yes.” His pulse quickened, his eyes shifted away, but he didn’t bite his lip.The truth.“I like you, too. I think you’re sexy.”The other guys whooped and howled.“Does your boss pay you well?”“Yes.”The truth.Pasha said in Russian to Sergei, “Women. They always want rich men.”Danny laughed.I squeezed Danny’s hand again to keep his focus on me. “Is your boss a nice man?”“Yes.”A lie.“Is he a powerful man?”“Very powerful.”The truth. I may have figured out where the man who had my father tortured could be found.“Does your boss run a lot of dangerous operations?”“What?” Danny scowled.Sergei scrutinized me. Shit.I smiled. “If you’re the kind of guy who does some dangerous things, I have this weakness. I always want to have sex with brave guys who do dangerous things.”“I do a lot of dangerous things.” Danny told the truth.“So do I,” Sergei chimed in and smirked.“Okay, okay.” Pasha separated my hands from Danny’s “Is enough.”I overdramatized a pout, then winked at Danny. He smiled.

About Liz Adams:

Liz Adams, author of the bestselling erotic fairy tale Alice’s Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Her short story Amy “Red” Riding’s Hood, an erotic version of Red Riding Hood, is a bestseller and winner of Goodreads’ Book of the Month for October 2012. Liz studied music and creative writing in college before making writing her career. In her spare time she cuddles with her lover on the couch to watch her favorite shows and often they work together doing research for her books. Feel free to contact Liz through Facebook at

Liz Adams is a huntress. She snares you with words and holds you down, refusing to let you go even after you’ve finished reading. Each sentence reads as if it were meant to be there; each word so precisely delivered that you soon stop reading and start envisioning the story she delectably unfolds before your eyes.

--May McQueen

Where to find Ariel’s Dangerous Liaisons: The Erotic Wonders of a Super Heroic Woman

Book Trailer:

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The difference between........(Spoilers for mortal instruments)

Well it's that time again.....Time to write a blog post.

I thought today because it's been crossing my mind a lot lately the difference between popular fiction and erotica. Currently I am reading the Mortal Instruments series (OMG, I got hooked). I am only half way through book 4 but after reading the content I had to ask myself something. Why is it ok in popular fiction for things to be said but in not in erotica. Take for instance Clary and Jace. If you haven't read the books and plan on it please do not read ahead SPOLIERS:

      Clary and Jace, love at first sight right? Well Talk about Taboo when Valentine comes in the picture (Clary's father) and Drops a bombshell, He's Jace's father too. Doesn't stop Clary and Jace on acting on their feelings even though they know its wrong. OK So I'm one of the biggest advocates for the disgust of incest, I despise it but here I was still wanting Clary and Jace to hook up. Now in my mind I kept thinking too many things don't add up, they're not actually brother and sister and it's a ruse but more people in the story believed it. I was getting worried was I really rooting for a brother and sister to hook up? That's when I started thinking, Why is it ok in Popular fiction for it to carry on that long in books that there's feelings for each other, brother an sister but not in Erotica.
       Another thing, Once it's found out they aren't related (Thank god), There are some steamy scenes in the books, sweet nothing, naughty school girl, pinning up against a brick wall and almost tearing clothes off. Yeah that one I kinda liked....anyways. The whole point that was going through my head. People look down on me for writing erotica which is sometimes less straight to the point and subtle where as in popular fiction it's perfectly fine for teenagers to practically have sex in an alley...yeah no problem.......WHAT?
      Now don't get me wrong i'm not complaining because some of my favorite books are Popular fiction but at the same time, I'm wondering why Erotica writers get such a bad wrap especially from those close to to them. I have a few writers that are friends and yes they write erotica but they have to hide it or have lost friends over it. I don't understand it. Yes we eloquently write porn for no better explanation but some of these pop fiction books have a lot worse in it.
     I for one wish that these so called literary snobs, yes that is what i'm going to call them, take a good look at themselves. If they have ever watched a movie with even the slightest hint of sexual tension, a kiss or a grope in it, they are hypocrites. I dare them to write what we write, see things our way and then turn around and say what we are doing is wrong. If you can have sex you can read sex! And just because someone can put it into words better than you can doesn't mean you have to look down on them or give them up. You may actually learn a few things if you listen!

Ok so that rant's over....onto good news....Well I got the book cover for one of my stories that is soon to be released. Domme by night, slave by day. I'm so excited and the book cover looks amazing! I can't thank NNP enough for it and what they've done. Anyways here is the big reveal....dun dun dun

I can't wait for it to be released!!!! a few final touches, a release date and shabam!!!! Anyways I'll leave you with my rant and reveal. If you have an opinion on the matter please don't hesitate to comment!!!! I always love to know what other people think!!!

Much love

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Return of Many Things!

Well folks I'm back......again. I know I take ages in between posts. Between technology hating me and working full time (My own Business I might add. Valhalla Crystals and Design check it out here) I've been neglecting this creative part of me. I promise though I will be back even if it's once a fortnight, hopefully more.

BUT NOW! To get the ball rolling on things back at Erotica Diaries I bring forth my first guest. PHOENIX JOHNSON *Cue Applause*

You can find her here:

Find Phoenix On Facebook

BUY: The Wolf In The Neighborhood
BUY: Return of Their Master

Anyhoo's I asked this lovely Lady who's book The Return of Their Master was released yesterday (So proud of her) Three questions. They are as follows:

Me: If you could have the fame of any author in history, who would you chose?

Phoenix: Surprisingly difficult. First instinct is J K Rowling, though, and I think I'll stick with it. She went from being a single mother and broke to an idol, and her writing is actually fantastic.

Me: The Return of Their Master has just been released, what is your favorite chapter from the book?

Phoenix: My favourite chapter would have to be the final one. It resolves so many issues, yet opens up the way for the full length sequel. I can't wait to get into it!

Me: How many more Works in progress are you currently working on and hoping to release in the next couple of years?

Phoenix: I have about 9 works in progress without the ones that are waiting to be edited (which is another 3). Plus three more that are still in idea-forming stage. So, as you can see, I'm not planning on giving up writing any time soon!

Well there you have it folks, Many more amazing thing sto come from this woman and don't forget to drop by and check out her new's only .99c Not too shabby if you ask me.

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Games: An Unedited flash fiction.

Her hair was golden and lips were red. The way she sauntered into a room, all eyes were on her. She gave them a coy smile, making them want more but she was there for only one thing…Him. Searching the room, she found him in his pin stripped suit and Black leather shoes. Licking her lips in anticipation, she moaned.

“Found you.”

She took her steps carefully, her heels clicking against the elegantly tiled floor. His laugh became louder in her ears, ringing, chiming perfectly the closer she got. His scent filled her lungs with every breath as she stood behind him. His low voice with every word intoxicated her. A man who was facing her nodded and her target turned around with a sly smile.

“Ah, You found me.”

“Of course Mister Romero.”

He took her hand and kissed the silky skin. Let the games begin. 

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Julez - For love of leon

For the love of Leon
Leon wanted the same thing everyone else wants: a loving relationship lasting beyond a few weeks. All he’d ever been able to find, however, was a few weeks hot on sex, but cold on romance. The day he walks into the local pub and sees a newcomer sitting by the window, he hopes his luck is about to change.

As he and Simon spend time together, Leon realizes not everything is as perfect as he’d thought it would be. Experiencing love also means experiencing the ups and downs of a new relationship.

When Simon tells Leon they need to talk, Leon is forced to wonder... is he going to be unlucky in love yet again?

Chapter One
Sitting in the park enjoying the scorching sun, my attention was drawn to the couples there. Lying around, walking hand in hand, they were everywhere. I found myself wishing life had been kind enough to grant me a relationship like theirs. It wasn’t as though I hadn’t tried to have something like that in my life. I’d done everything to find the right person and settle down. But they had all been meaningless, intense passion and nothing else, fizzling out after months, sometimes weeks. Try as I might, no one I had ever met seemed to want to commit to a long-term relationship. Don’t get me wrong, the sex was fucking great, always the star of a relationship, but some nights I would have liked someone to go out with. A meal, the cinema, or even a concert, and then home like a loving couple. Someone who didn’t just want to fuck, but someone who liked to kiss and cuddle, someone to wake up with and make breakfast for.
Just watching the crowds started to get me down and I stood up, making my way out of the park, aimlessly wandering to anywhere I didn’t have to stare at all the happiness around me. Staring in shop windows at fancy designer gear I could easily afford, but had no reason to own, pissed me off even more. I made my way to a small bar by the river I knew wouldn’t be over-crowded with more couples.
Once there, I ordered a pint and sat outside by the river’s edge, just watching the barges trundle by and the handful of fisherman desperately trying to outdo each other with their catches. Smiling to myself, I felt a lot more relaxed than I had at the park and as the afternoon drew toward evening, I started to think about the long walk back through town to my apartment. I knew I couldn’t put it off, even though I would happily have stayed where I was, watching the world drift by forever. I drained my glass and headed back into the bar. As I leaned over to set my empty pint on the counter, I saw him, sitting alone by one of the windows. Suddenly leaving seemed like the last thing I wanted to do. I situated myself on a barstool, ordered a coke, and tried not to look like I was watching him, only glancing over every now and again.
I guessed him to be around thirtyish, half a dozen years or so younger than me, and I was instantly drawn to how impeccably dressed he was. Unlike a lot of the males in my town, he wasn’t in torn jeans, combat-style trousers, or t-shirt. Instead, he was wearing black dress trousers, a light blue long-sleeved shirt which was unbuttoned at the neck, and well polished shoes.
Not only was his dress nice, but the way he looked was as well. Slightly tanned, shaved with just a hint of light brown stubble, and neatly styled, not too long or too short, brown hair. A small, gold sovereign ring adorned his left little finger, and a diamond earring sat in his left earlobe.
As I watched him, I noticed he never turned to face the rest of the pub. He kept his eyes firmly on the window as though waiting for someone, sipping from his glass.
Now although where I lived was classed as a city, it wasn't much bigger than a large town. Every time someone new appeared, they always drew attention. This man was no different, I noticed, for I wasn’t the only person keeping a close eye on him.
On the opposite side of the bar were a group of the local, so called, ‘hard’ men. They were also keeping their eye on this new stranger and seeing as I knew them as well as I did, I knew their reason would be totally different from mine.
For a few minutes I continued to shift my gaze between the stranger and the thugs, and as they stood up to leave, I decided I had a decision to make. I could either let the man leave, knowing full well the thugs would be waiting for him to step outside the pub, or I could go over, introduce myself, offer to buy him a drink, and maybe get to know him.
Keeping my eye on the man to make sure he didn’t just get up and leave, I called the barman over.
“Get me another coke please, and whatever he’s drinking.”
“Are you sure? He’s having double scotch.”
“Yeah, that’s fine.”
I paid for the drinks and took both glasses over to where the stranger was sitting.
“Hope you don’t mind, but I saw you alone and got you another,” I said, placing the scotch on the table.
“Oh thanks, that’s very kind of you.”
“Well, you’re new in town and I just thought it would be nice for someone to welcome you.”
“Don’t get too many places like that nowadays.”
“I know, but I remember what it was like when I first moved here,” I told him. “My name’s Leon by the way.”
“I’m Simon, but you can call me Si. Won’t you join me?”
“Thank you,” I said, sitting on the small stool by the table opposite Si. “So are you just passing through?”
“Hopefully I’m going to buy a place, if the property prices here aren’t as outlandish as the last two towns I looked in.”
“I guess that depends on what you are looking for.”
“Ideally a two bedroom apartment, or house if possible.”
“There’s a fair few of those at the other end of town,” I told him. “Is it for just you, or do you have a family that will be joining you once you have found a place?”
“Just me. I have no family.”
“Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to pry,” I replied, lowering my head, slightly embarrassed at my clumsy attempt to find out more about him.
“No need to apologize, you weren't to know.” He lifted his hand to wave away my apology. For the next few minutes the two of us sat there sipping our drinks, when Si finally broke the silence.
“So tell me, Leon, what do you do around here? My guess is there’s not much in the way of employment to be had.”
“No there isn’t, but I’m lucky enough to work from home as a graphic artist.”
“Wish I could work from home. Mind you, I wish I had a home, but it’s too late to find something now, I guess.”
“I wouldn’t say that. You did happen to choose the one place in town that does bed and breakfast.”
“Ah well that’s lucky then! Would you give me a moment to get set up?”
I watched Si walk over to the bar and begin chatting with the barman. I found myself staring intently at his muscular physique and firm ass, hoping, praying he was gay and wondering what my chances would be with him if he was.
“Thanks for letting me know. He only had one room left,” He sat back down, draining his glass.
“No worries.”
“So, apart from saying you wanted to give me a warm welcome to your small town, what was the real reason for buying a stranger a drink?”
“No other reason,” I lied. I couldn’t tell him the truth, not now that he was thinking of moving to the town. I wanted him to feel welcome, not frightened off by potential danger from local thugs.
“Well maybe I can return the favor another day,” Si smiled. “How about tomorrow? I’ll buy you lunch.”
“You don’t have to do that.”
“I know I don’t, but I want to.”
Being asked to lunch by the hottest guy I had seen for ages seemed too good to be true, and I felt my cheeks begin to flush with embarrassment.
“Okay what time?” I mumbled under my breath before repeating myself a lot clearer.
“Why don’t you meet me here about one? Gives me time to have a look around at property.”
“One it is then,” I said, then drained my glass. “Anyway, I better go and let you get settled. Besides, I have a design I have to finish tonight.”
“Oh okay, see you tomorrow then,” Si replied sullenly, and I was sure I could see a look of disappointment in his eyes at the thought of me leaving. But work was work, bills had to be paid, and anyway the date for the next day was arranged and by now I knew the thugs would have finally given up waiting, calling it a night as well. As I stood up, Si offered me his hand and I gave it a gentle shake instantly noticing how soft his skin was. I turned and headed out into the night, a slight smile on my face. If he does hang around I am definitely going to get to know him a lot better, I thought. I walked past where the group of thugs had been hanging out, the cigarette butts and discarded beer cans giving them away, and I continued toward my place.

About the author
Julez S. Morbius is the pseudonym of an engaged father to nine children, four of his own and five stepchildren. He is also partially disabled, having been born with a neurological condition that has caused his nervous system to deteriorate over the years and finds writing to be the way to express his feelings, and fantasies.
Having been writing for less than five years, Star Search, published by Naughty Nights Press in November 2011, was his first release. This was followed by an appearance in the gay male anthology The Boy's Club, also published by Naughty Nights Press, where he had two stories, Opposites Attract and Room for Two.
His second stand-alone release, Addicted to Charlie, came out in June 2012, quickly followed by Naughty Hot Shots - Reunited at a Reunion, which earned him his first ever bestseller certificate from his publisher, NNP, and then shortly after that his next Transgender release, Naughty Hot Shots - Top Of The Class, which earned him yet another silver star at All Romance Ebooks on the very first day.
Julez has several stories, both gay male and transgender, currently on the editing table of his publisher that he hopes will be out to his fans shortly. A recent surgery to assist him in his mobility has added to the unfortunate delayed releases, but now that Julez is on the mend he has jumped back into the wonderfully busy process of working with his editor to cultivate his upcoming works.
Julez now considers writing to be his main occupation, and continues to write, mainly in gay male, transgender and cross dressing genres.

An interview with Julez

S. What is it about erotica that captivates you so much it brings out these naughty ideas that we end up readings?
J. Mainly I write as a form of escapism. I can take myself to anywhere I want on the page, even if I'll never get there in real-life.

S. If you could be any character in the erotic genre (Your books or someone elses) who would it be and why?
J. In my own books I think I'd like to be Joe (from Star Search) as he's a man who knows what he wants and will do anything to get it.

S. If your book was made into a movie, who would you cast as the characters?
J. Star Search is probably the only one of my books with the length required to make a movie and if it was I'd want one of the many stunning UK Transsexuals to take the role of Star, the only trouble would be deciding which one.

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Phoenix Johnson rising from the ashes with The Wolf in the Neighborhood

“You wanna know what grinds my gears?” People who say/ask the following:
Oh, you write THOSE books!

Is that a problem? In a world where women are more free to indulge in their sexuality (I'm not saying all women are promiscuous, we're just finally able to be the sexual beings we've always meant to be), it is a shame that people still frown on THOSE books. There is an audience for everything, I've always said. Single women, women in relationships, mothers, working women, all types of women (and even some men!) enjoy these books. So if someone has a problem with THOSE books, then you're obviously not part of the audience authors of THOSE books are writing for; instead of trying to belittle the authors of THOSE books, congratulate them on having an imagination, and stick with the books you enjoy. There are audiences for everything; just because you're not part of all those audiences, doesn't mean that certain subjects shouldn't be written about.

Do people still read bodice rippers?
Personally, that term makes me cringe. But that's more because it strikes a painful image of a poor, defenceless renaissance style dress being torn to shreds, damaged beyond repair. For other authors, it can seem a derogatory term.
As I said in answer to the previous question; there is an audience for everything, and just because you aren't part of all those audiences, doesn't mean that, in this case, those audiences don't exist.
To actually answer the question: yes. Plenty of people do still read "bodice rippers." Just google search "Popular Erotic Romance novels" and you will find multiple Top 10 lists, "Must Read Erotic Novels" lists, and several places that suggest what to read after 50 Shades of Grey. Gone are the days of hiding Mills and Boons books because they were THOSE books; women are now boldly reading these books on the train/bus on the way to work, discussing the books over coffee and lending them to family members. As much as I personally don't like 50 Shades of Grey, I will admit that it has been a considerable help in getting erotica and erotic romance novels out of the "taboo" list, and in to the "socially acceptable" list. Heck, that book is getting a movie! So yes, not only are people still reading 'bodice rippers,' THOSE books are rapidly becoming even more popular and socially acceptable. With Mother's Day in Australia coming up this Sunday, stores are listing 50 Shades of Grey and several other of THOSE books as "Great Ideas for Mum!" in catalogues. So please, don't act puritan and innocent. There are audiences for everything, and just because you aren't part of it, doesn't mean there isn't a call for it.

A Sneaky Peek
Once downstairs, Krissy invited Derek into her apartment while she quickly threw her satin robe onto the queen sized bed and grabbed a pair of jeans, a bra and a gold colored tank bought specifically to compliment her tan. As she slipped the clothes on, she congratulated herself on not stumbling and making a complete fool of herself. No one had interrupted her naked sunbathing before and she expected that, should it ever happen, she would just turn beet-red and dash back to her apartment to hide for a week in utter shame.
Krissy quickly ran a brush through her long ebony hair, pulled on her favorite pair of teal pumps and walked out to the lounge where she’d left Derek. He was looking at her book collection and didn’t hear her approach, the carpet muffling her steps. She leaned against the doorframe watching him flip through her favorite erotica novel, well-worn from countless readings.
Since her apartment was very quiet she heard him mumble, “What a fascinating woman you are,” which made her heart miss a beat and her lips twitch to a smirk.

NB: This is taken from a post of mine from my own blog, which you can find here. (Link:

About The Wolf in the Neighborhood
What do you do when your past comes back to haunt you?
Could a dark secret revealed by a new lover be something you could overlook just to have him?
What kind of secrets could you learn to live with for true love?
Krissy has a hunky new neighbor with a dark secret; Derek is a vet with an interesting past. They hit it off quickly but when Krissy’s abusive ex, James comes back in to her life, Derek shows a side Krissy never could have guessed. However, James refuses to give up. Can Derek’s secret save them, or will James have his revenge?
Available in Mobi, ePub and PDF through NNP. Also available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and Apple. 

About Phoenix
Phoenix Johnson is an Australian author who has always had the passion for the written word. She had her nose in at least one book ever since she could read and would even scrutinize the back of the cereal box every morning at breakfast. It was only natural she take up writing.
Phoenix has multiple works in progress, and her favourite writing genres are the same as her reading genres; erotica, romance, paranormal, thriller and a combination of these. The Wolf in the Neighborhood, book one in her debut trilogy Wolf Smitten, was released January 15 2013.
She currently lives in a small rural town west of Ipswich, Queensland, with her partner, their daughter, their cat Flash and a Siamese Fighting Fish aptly named Cranky.

Links to find me

Links to buy The Wolf in the Neighborhood